Layering with my Watch

Hi everyone! Sorry for not blogging in a while, I haven't been doing my nails since I've done acrylic and gel nails. I recently removed them any my nails are nubs and I want them to heal, especially from an aching split nail. Never again will I do my fake nails again! My nails are too precious. I decided to do them hoping my nails would grow longer since my work is tedious and breaks my nails, so I thought it would be a good idea... Wrong! So now I'm waiting for them to grow out so I can do my nails again. This post is about layering my watch with bracelets. I've been searching for bracelets to layer with for my rose gold Michael Kors mid size runway watch. Although I didn't get exactly rose gold to match my watch, I got some gold bracelets but they look great with my watch and I got so many compliments! All the bracelets are from Forever21! The total was about $20, or maybe a little more. The chain bracelets also came in a neon pink and blue which I don't like and set aside in my jewelry for $7.80. The spike bracelet came in gold and silver together for $7.80 as well and the beaded bracelet was $2.80!