China Glaze Spam

I recently ordered a lot of China Glaze polishes and didn't get to do swatches of them, but on spare time I did some quick swatches. So here is some random China Glaze spam with some polishes from the old and recent collections. I also ordered the Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away collection,  but I rather do that on a separate review because that collection was simply amazing. Man Hunt; Red Satin; Pure Joy over Red Satin; Cast a Spell; Make a Spectacle over Cast a Spell; Purr-fect Plum; Glitter Goblin; Glitter All the Way; Bizarre Blurple; Immortal; Winter Holly (amazing); Glistening Snow (gorgeous); Angel Wings (stunning); Beauty Within. As you can tell, some polishes were from Halloween release, Breast Cancer Awareness, Holiday, and even Summer. But I did hope you enjoy this random spam of China Glaze polishes. Which ones did you like the most? Because I can't choose, I love them all!