Top 5 Skin Tips of The Week

Skin special this week ladies, feel free to share your tips below.

1. If you run out of exfoliator dont use salt on your face, use sugar its less harsh to your skin.
2. If you have a spot and have no tea tree oil to hand use sudocrem or toothpaste they both dry out the spot causing it to heal over quicker.
3. If your skin feels tired and dull. Slice a cucumber and rub it all over your face. It will refresh the skin and the coolness will make your pores glow causing a healthy complexion.
4. Fancy a facial at home? Boil the kettle, pour hot water into a bowl, hover your head over the bowl with a towel over your head and relax for 10 minutes whilst the skin opens your pores. Be careful not to burn your nose though... that has happened to me and its not nice! 
5. Take a Vitamin E tablet! It helps your hair, nails and skin! Its a beauty must.

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

I went to Ulta today and got the new Urban Decay Build your own Palette! I love it so much! Here's what I picked. Inside before filling comes with a free eyeshadow called Walk of Shame. I chosesix colors before de-potting. The six shadows I chose after they got into the palette. Swatches with UDPP base. In order they are Blunt, Chase, FreeLove, Bordello, Roach, and Radium. The new eyeshadows are much softer and more pigmented than their old ones. I love them! I forgot to swatch Walk of Shame but its a matte soft taupe color. Highly suggest doing this, it's so much fun!

Don’t do These 10 Things on a Diet

Dieting is not an easy thing to do. First of all you know that you got to be persistent. Some individuals are weak and can’t manage their diets. Here’s the list of advices you shouuld not do while dieting and losing weight: healthy diet don’t start with the most rigid diet; Don’t challenge yourself with the most rigid diet you find. This an ordinary slip when a diet newbie tries to stick to the most rigid diet and, as the result, fails. Choose the diet that is sane and that is healthy for you. If you’re a dieting newbie and not sure about the diet, then find another that makes sense for you; Don’t expect things to come over night. “Good things come to those who wait”. You can’t expect whenever diet you chose to help you losing half of your overweight in short period of time. You can have to think of your health first and then the result will come. Exercises while dieting don’t do physical exercises too often; Don’t do physical exercises too often while dieting. You have to give your muscles and body a time to heal. Hard everyday exercises are not a natural situation for your body. Unless if you’re an Olympic athlete; Don’t miss by your meals. There’re dieting newbies who miss their meals. They think this will help them lose weight because they’re not gaining any weight eating their meals. Dieting is not about just losing weight or starving, dieting is about eating correct and healthy foodstuff.
Don’t measure your results daily. Each dieting newbie is impatient to notice the results of the chosen diet plan. Don’t do that because it’s almost impossible to lose pounds of your weight every day. Instead you might find yourself disappointed in dieting. Good things come to those who wait; Don’t get motivated by your emotions. This rule is one of the most rules to remember. Don’t let your emotions lead you. You might have noticed that your diet changes when you’re depressed or sad. You even let yourself have another cake or cookie to feel better. Don’t do that if it’s not in your diet plan. Don’t be hung up about calories. Healthy diet everyone knows that the main concept behind dieting is reducing calories. On the other hand, some people take cutting down calories too serious. Dramatic calorie reduction will cause dramatic changes to your body, forcing the body to start collecting every calorie in every way it can. Definitely wrong diet plan; Don’t be shy to look for assistance. You know that everyone of has its own flaws. Some of us are just too shy to ask for advice or help. Don’t hesitate, seek for the right information online or ask professional advice. You just can’t know everything; Don’t rely just on your self-control. Try to analyze your diet habits or even write down your diet plan. Try to investigate your results and your dieting. But don’t be too critical to yourself. Aim for the realistic results and don’t lose your head on losing more weight. More info here

Jamberry Vinyl Shields Experiment on My Nails

Happy Sunday Everyone! It has been so gloomy here in my neck of the woods lately. We had rain for 4 days non-stop! Thankfully this weekend is much nicer and today is supposed to be a great day for cooking outside and hanging out with family and friends. Recently a representative for "Jamberry" nails asked me to test out these nail shields and see how I like them. I googled "Jamberry Nail Shields" to see what it was all about about. These are vinyl nail shields that you warm up with a hair dryer before applying to your nails. The instructions are easy and if you want to learn more about this product search for Jamberry. I loved all the patterns I saw on their website. They all look so adorable and fun to wear! Now on to my thoughts about this novelty. I followed the directions that came in the package to the best of my ability but, for some reason, I had a real tough time getting the shields to go on smooth on my nails.

I also had a hard time heating the shield with a hair dryer. I used tweezers to hold the shields while I heated them. As you heat the shield it gets soft and maleable and that is when you apply it to the nail. This is where I got stuck. No matter what I did or how well I smoothed the shield on my nail it just didnt want to stick to my nail bed properly. In short, I messed it all up and could not do a full manicure with it. I must have done something wrong. There are a lot of good reviews of this product on YouTube, even videos on how to apply it properly. Since I wasn't successfull in aplying these I really can't give an apropriate review of the product. There are plenty of shields left in the sheet that was sent to me so I will let my daughter (who is a LOT better with these things than I) experiement with them to see how well it works, Have any of you tried Jamberry Nail shields? What did you think? Share your thoughts!

Skin Products Your Hands Will Love

Are your hands and nails in desperate need of tender, love and care? If you said yes keep on reading! I had planned on posting about these products for a long time but I kept thinking “this is not going to be news for anyone. Everyone knows about these products”! But I confess I was wrong. Not everyone has heard about these products. We buy stuff that we have tried and found to be good “stuff”, or we buy stuff that we have heard other people say it is good “stuff”. So here I am sharing with you about my top most favorite “stuff” that my hands, feet, and nails love. You can try them and see for yourself.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. This luscious cream is heavenly on my cuticles, especially in the winter when my cuticles tend to get rough and dry. I stick this little pot in my jacket pocket at work and I apply it as often as I can. I also use it before putting my winter gloves on and walking out of the house. I massage it around my cuticles as I push them up a little at a time. It works like a charm. I've been in love with this stuff for many years. You can find it at Walmart, Walgreens, and Ulta. I have noticed that some grocery stores in my small hometown have it too. It cost $5.99 at my local Walgreens.

Burts Bees almond milk. This crème is a dear friend to my hands and nails in every season, but even more so in the winter time. I keep a jar close to my kitchen sink so it is handy when washing time comes around. I still wash my dishes by hand, and every so often I use a Brillo pad to scrub pots and pans. To keep my hands from going to pots I slather this stuff all over my hands before putting my dishwashing gloves on. By the time I am done with my dishes my hands are nice and soft. This is a heavy, emollient crème.

Not really suitable to use when you are planning on using your hands freely to touch objects because it will leave a smear all over the place if you do. This is not one of those crèmes that your skin absorbs right away. This crème is best used when your hands are gloved either with dish gloves or your winter gloves. It will also work with gloves to sleep in (if you can manage to keep them on all night). You can buy it for around $8.99 at Walgreens or Walmart. It may seem like a lot of moola for a hand creme at first, but once you realize how little of it you need to get the job done your pocket (and your hands) will thank you.

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve. C.O. Bigelow’s Hand Salve has been one of my most favorite heavy duty skin products for a long time. I use it pretty much the same way I use the Almond Milk Hand Crème, under rubber gloves, or under my winter gloves. It feels like Vaseline on the skin but it smells better, like roses as the name reads. It works well on hands, elbows, knees, lips, and even your feet. I got mine at Bath an Body Works for $5.50. I’ve had this little tin for a long time too. You don’t need too much of it to see results.

California Mango Mend Treatment Balm. This is what their website says: Promotes soft cuticles and healthy nail growth. Softens rough, dry patches on skin. Luscious California Mango scent. Cures cracked heels. "California Mango Mend Balm is an hydrating balm that is specifically designed to cure cracked heels and soften rough, dry patches on hands, knees and elbows." This is what I say: This stuff is like Vaseline on steroids! It is greasy, strong, and it really does do miracles on dry, nasty looking heels. My preferred way to use it is at night under my socks. I usually take good care of my feet (I hate thick, dry heels), so I use this stuff at least twice a week before going to bed. One warning thou, it will stain your socks orange, so make sure you use sockies that you won't mind staining. I paid $7.50 for this stuff at Sally's Beauty Supplies.

Carol's Daughter Ecstasy Shea Soufflé. Now, this is my baby! Save the best for last! I had never heard of Carol’s Daughter products until 2011 when a friend gave me a jar, in the “Orange Blossom” scent. It was after I tried the crème that I googled it to see how and where to buy more of it, that’s how impressed I was. After I used up the entire jar that was given to me I started buying it regularly. And I swear this crème is really a good investment for my skin. I don’t mind one bit that I have to order it online, or that it cost $13.50 for a 4 oz. jar. I usually get mine from Sephora or from Carol's Daughter Website.

It turns out Oprah talked about Carol’s Daughter’s products as one of her “favorite things”, but I didn’t watch Oprah and had no knowledge of such products. I was just stunned by how much I loved it. This is not greasy at all. It is a fast absorbing daily moisturizer for dry or extra-dry skin.  This crème can be applied all over the body but since I can’t buy it at any local store in my town I reserve it for my hands and elbows. Like a precious crème that I have to use wisely so I don’t run out of it too soon. This stuff feels like butter and it really does sink into the skin beautifully. I am currently using the “Ecstasy” scent which smells fantastic, not too strong, and not too timid.

Next I will buy the “Almond Cookie” scent just because I really love almond scented stuff. Since this is a non-greasy crème it is safe to apply it before going about your daily chores because it leaves no residue behind. It all sinks down, penetrating the skin to the softest, smoothest texture ever. From all the crèmes I have ever used on my skin this is by far my favorite of all. Have you ever tried any of these products? If so, what did you think? Will you repurchase? Do you have any holy grail products to keep your hands, nails and skin lovely? If you do share with us!

Nail Caviar - Beads on My Nails

I had heard about this "Nail Caviar" idea but it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I found such thing at a local Walmart. It was the only box on the shelf. I looked all over for more (and for the price) but couldn't find anything. Well I brought it home with me. I was curious. Here is what I call the Abnormal View of the caviar rocks. This is as close as I could get in zooming. No one sees your nails like this of course (these are nails not diamonds!), but it gives you cosmetics fans a pretty good idea of how small the beads are. I forgot to mention the Nail Rock Nail Caviar set comes with a bottle of nail polish also. This one came with a gold polish that I didn't use for this manicure. The instructions are simple.

First polish your nail as usual and then dip your fingernail in the jar of beads so the entire nail is coated with them. Then you press the beads gently into the wet polish on your nails. Pressing ever so gently work  the beads over the entire nail. It is not hard to do at all. I used a light, jelly, pink nail polish under my beads this time around. I did not use top coat on the beads. They felt glued enough to the nail really ast. I wore this manicure and went about my day to see how it would last. I expected beads to be falling off my fingernail all over the place. It did happen, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Some came off when I shampooed my hair and when I washed my hands, but I was left with plenty of rocks to last another round.