China Glaze Spam

I recently ordered a lot of China Glaze polishes and didn't get to do swatches of them, but on spare time I did some quick swatches. So here is some random China Glaze spam with some polishes from the old and recent collections. I also ordered the Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away collection,  but I rather do that on a separate review because that collection was simply amazing. Man Hunt; Red Satin; Pure Joy over Red Satin; Cast a Spell; Make a Spectacle over Cast a Spell; Purr-fect Plum; Glitter Goblin; Glitter All the Way; Bizarre Blurple; Immortal; Winter Holly (amazing); Glistening Snow (gorgeous); Angel Wings (stunning); Beauty Within. As you can tell, some polishes were from Halloween release, Breast Cancer Awareness, Holiday, and even Summer. But I did hope you enjoy this random spam of China Glaze polishes. Which ones did you like the most? Because I can't choose, I love them all!

Layering with my Watch

Hi everyone! Sorry for not blogging in a while, I haven't been doing my nails since I've done acrylic and gel nails. I recently removed them any my nails are nubs and I want them to heal, especially from an aching split nail. Never again will I do my fake nails again! My nails are too precious. I decided to do them hoping my nails would grow longer since my work is tedious and breaks my nails, so I thought it would be a good idea... Wrong! So now I'm waiting for them to grow out so I can do my nails again. This post is about layering my watch with bracelets. I've been searching for bracelets to layer with for my rose gold Michael Kors mid size runway watch. Although I didn't get exactly rose gold to match my watch, I got some gold bracelets but they look great with my watch and I got so many compliments! All the bracelets are from Forever21! The total was about $20, or maybe a little more. The chain bracelets also came in a neon pink and blue which I don't like and set aside in my jewelry for $7.80. The spike bracelet came in gold and silver together for $7.80 as well and the beaded bracelet was $2.80!

Mai Miyagi inspired Make Up

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I did a post (and I know I do abandon blogspot too right now) but today I found my moojoo again. Products I used: Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm BB Cream; MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW15; Manhattan Soft Powder in Transparent; Elf Brightening Eye Colour palette in Brownstone; 88 Colour Palette; False Lashes from HK, no 6; DUO eyelash gluo in clear-white; L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional; Alverde blush in no 5, Pastel Rose; YSL Rougé Volupté Lipstick no 1. So this look was inspired by Mai Miyagi. I guess she is a gyaru, but I don't really know, I just found her picture somewhere on tumblr. Actually I don't like the gyaru look that much, but this one is a bit different from the normal, heavy-thick-eyeliner-gyaru-look. Gyaru girls don't cut their lashes so that they extend the natural lashline. This way they achieve the big and doll like eyes. My lashes weren't shortened neither but I guess my eyes are just too big because it still looks pretty "natural". This look is great for a first date since only the lashes are a little bit extravagant but you can still rock this look without them by just using mascara, do what you like. I hope I will do posts more frequently again, right now I'm thinking about a new face paint idea, perhaps something Easter inspired?

Comin Home!

I just can't wait the moment when I'll see you all... all my family and my soul friends. It passed almost one year since I haven't seen you. It's a long time but I still have patience and I'm waiting the day when I'll put my bag in the airplane and I'll fly to get to you. Many feelings are pushing my heart into a sad mood, but I keep my strength up, my smile on my face and that's it. Many times I'm asking myself if I can do it, but I realize that I must do it, I don't have a choice. A new world, new friends, new habits, new me...

Lets Get Wild

Hi everyone! I don't know if you have guessed by now but I am a big fan of Denman Brushes! See my post history if you haven't seen my review on a previous Denman brush. I absolutely love their brushes especially the quirky designs that they do. I have tried the Tutti Fruitti brush and I have been using it everyday up until now... I have cheated on my tutti fruitti with this amazing new brush that I have just got (D80L code). How amazingly gorgeous is this zebra print denman hairbrush?! I love animal print and this has impressed me no end. If you didn't know Denman brushes are renowned for their quality so much so that hairdressers worldwide chose to use them on their clients... mine uses them too! This one in particular is a D3 Denman brush this is probably the one that I see the most at my hairdressers as it is ideal for smoothing, shaping and styling my hair.

There are various styles of the D3 brush out there but I just had to share this one with you are I am sure that all of you will agree when I say its the best looking hairbrush that I've seen. The animal print range comes in 3 different colours of Zebra print: White, Purple and Blue. The brush is suitable for all hair types and lengths and  the close set pins don't damage your hair like I have found other brushes to do. You also don't get static that you do from other brushes. Another great thing about Denman is that for such high quality hairbrushes you would expect a high price tag... well guess what they are affordable! I think they are great value for money this brush in particular costs $10.99 from the Denman website. Check out Denman's website where you can browse all of their products.

Pretty Serious - BSOD

Well it's been slow-going but I finally have time to show you what I consider to be the jewel in the crown of Pretty Serious's debut "Hello World" collection - BSOD. Or for you unfortunate (says the smug Mac user) PC owners - "Blue Screen of Death". Funnily enough, when my well-worn Mac's hard drive crashed last week, the only thing I couldn't recover was my photos of this polish! How gorgeous is this blue? Complete slam dunk for me as it combines one of my favourite colours with jelly glitter. Plus it reminds me of this princess dress. Ah... one day... It goes from a rich, dark midnight to a vibrant electric blue depending on the light. No problems at all with application, and it's quite densely glitter-packed so although this is three coats, I probably could have done with two. I cannot fault this. If Kaz would release this polish texture in a myriad of different colours, I would happily buy all of them (hint! purple please!). If you're a bit hesitant to try anything from Pretty Serious, I suggest you try this one first, you'll be a convert. BSOD is available from Pretty Serious for $9.95 with matching eyeshadow and lip gloss, too!

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