Manicures Featuring China Glaze, OPI, Hard Candy, Fingerpaints

China Glaze Fast Track. Happy Sunday dear manicure lovers! It's hard to believe November is already gone! Today I want to show manicures I gave myself during the month of March. I sported more colors than the ones I am showing here today but a lot of times I forget to take pictures and by the time I grab the camera my polish is already chipping. I bought only 2 of the Capitol Colours from China Glaze nail polishes (Riveting and Fast Track). I wore Riveting on my toes (bright and perfect for Spring) and Fast Track on my tips for about a week.

I really loved Fast Track. Application was easy (2 coats used in this manicure) and it lasted well on my nails. Fast Track is a very easy going nail polish. Very safe to use to the office or any special occasion really. The gold shimmer in it is very subtle, not "in your face" spark. One of my best friends who wears only very conservative polishes absolutely loved this one.

Hard Candy Beetle. I had been flirting with this polish for a long time then finally decided to bring it home during one of my rare trips to Walmart. This polish applied well (3 coats here) and my manicure lasted for about 4 days which for me it is pretty good. I didn't think it was all that until I heard one of my coworkers talk about "the cool color-changing polish Kat had on a couple of days ago". This is a really interesting duochrome nail polish. Not shy at all!! It looks either green or purple depending on how the light hits it.

OPI Jade Is The New Black & Essie Shine of The Times. I wore this green manicure for St. Patty's Day. I polished my nails on that day in less than 20 minutes trying to beat the clock before going out with friends for margaritas. To my surprise I did a decent job in a hurry and the manicure lasted for about 5 days. I had OPI Jade is the New Black sitting in my drawer for a long time so I decided to give it a try last month. It is such a pretty creme green polish all by itself, but it looked even prettier with Essie Shine of the Times on top of it. I love flakie special effect polishes and these two go very well together.

Fingerpaints Circus Peanut. I picked up this polish last month because of my constant search for the perfect peachy-coral nail polish. In my experience peachy-corals (like yellows) are hard to apply. Circus Peanuts was hard to apply too. This polish has the potential to make you feel like a bad "painter" because it is goopy and streaky. The payoff however was really good. I got more compliments on this manicure than any other in the month of March. This polish looks quiet in the bottle but once on the nails it looks almost neon! This is the polish I am wearing today still. It has lasted well! I hope you enjoyed my Month of manicure! As always thank you for visiting us and for sharing your love for color on your fingertips!