Jamberry Vinyl Shields Experiment on My Nails

Happy Sunday Everyone! It has been so gloomy here in my neck of the woods lately. We had rain for 4 days non-stop! Thankfully this weekend is much nicer and today is supposed to be a great day for cooking outside and hanging out with family and friends. Recently a representative for "Jamberry" nails asked me to test out these nail shields and see how I like them. I googled "Jamberry Nail Shields" to see what it was all about about. These are vinyl nail shields that you warm up with a hair dryer before applying to your nails. The instructions are easy and if you want to learn more about this product search for Jamberry. I loved all the patterns I saw on their website. They all look so adorable and fun to wear! Now on to my thoughts about this novelty. I followed the directions that came in the package to the best of my ability but, for some reason, I had a real tough time getting the shields to go on smooth on my nails.

I also had a hard time heating the shield with a hair dryer. I used tweezers to hold the shields while I heated them. As you heat the shield it gets soft and maleable and that is when you apply it to the nail. This is where I got stuck. No matter what I did or how well I smoothed the shield on my nail it just didnt want to stick to my nail bed properly. In short, I messed it all up and could not do a full manicure with it. I must have done something wrong. There are a lot of good reviews of this product on YouTube, even videos on how to apply it properly. Since I wasn't successfull in aplying these I really can't give an apropriate review of the product. There are plenty of shields left in the sheet that was sent to me so I will let my daughter (who is a LOT better with these things than I) experiement with them to see how well it works, Have any of you tried Jamberry Nail shields? What did you think? Share your thoughts!