Pretty Serious - BSOD

Well it's been slow-going but I finally have time to show you what I consider to be the jewel in the crown of Pretty Serious's debut "Hello World" collection - BSOD. Or for you unfortunate (says the smug Mac user) PC owners - "Blue Screen of Death". Funnily enough, when my well-worn Mac's hard drive crashed last week, the only thing I couldn't recover was my photos of this polish! How gorgeous is this blue? Complete slam dunk for me as it combines one of my favourite colours with jelly glitter. Plus it reminds me of this princess dress. Ah... one day... It goes from a rich, dark midnight to a vibrant electric blue depending on the light. No problems at all with application, and it's quite densely glitter-packed so although this is three coats, I probably could have done with two. I cannot fault this. If Kaz would release this polish texture in a myriad of different colours, I would happily buy all of them (hint! purple please!). If you're a bit hesitant to try anything from Pretty Serious, I suggest you try this one first, you'll be a convert. BSOD is available from Pretty Serious for $9.95 with matching eyeshadow and lip gloss, too!

Eva Green poison

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