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Hi everyone! I don't know if you have guessed by now but I am a big fan of Denman Brushes! See my post history if you haven't seen my review on a previous Denman brush. I absolutely love their brushes especially the quirky designs that they do. I have tried the Tutti Fruitti brush and I have been using it everyday up until now... I have cheated on my tutti fruitti with this amazing new brush that I have just got (D80L code). How amazingly gorgeous is this zebra print denman hairbrush?! I love animal print and this has impressed me no end. If you didn't know Denman brushes are renowned for their quality so much so that hairdressers worldwide chose to use them on their clients... mine uses them too! This one in particular is a D3 Denman brush this is probably the one that I see the most at my hairdressers as it is ideal for smoothing, shaping and styling my hair.

There are various styles of the D3 brush out there but I just had to share this one with you are I am sure that all of you will agree when I say its the best looking hairbrush that I've seen. The animal print range comes in 3 different colours of Zebra print: White, Purple and Blue. The brush is suitable for all hair types and lengths and  the close set pins don't damage your hair like I have found other brushes to do. You also don't get static that you do from other brushes. Another great thing about Denman is that for such high quality hairbrushes you would expect a high price tag... well guess what they are affordable! I think they are great value for money this brush in particular costs $10.99 from the Denman website. Check out Denman's website where you can browse all of their products.

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  1. that is the only type of brush i can wear on my hair! love it