Leather Nails

I am pretty sure you have seen this all over the nail blog world already but here is a manicure made with the Barry M cracking polish! Cracking is seemingly the big Spring craze as OPI and China Glaze have jumped on the bandwagon but Barry M was already proposing this last fall. I have owned this polish since that time but have been unable to post, as you might already know. Better late than never! Today I am showing you a manicure I love a lot. I will of course make a proper review of the Barry M nail effect polish (with advices and little experiences I've had with it) but I can already tell that it is drying matte. I must confess that the first time I tried it, it caught me off guard and although I am a huge matte black polish fan I still can't decide if I like that or not. 

Black leather nails

Leather nails

Leather boots

I know I could reproach this polish its lack of glossiness (by adding a glossy top coat!) but instead of doing so, I thought I could take advantage of it combining it to a shiny black base (I used e.l.f. "Black"). Black is so beautiful and can be so visually rich when textured. The result is very much for my liking as it in some ways reminds me of grained leather. In fact, it goes very well with the grainy matte and black leather of the new pair of shoes I've bought lately (the gorgeous motor boots Ash Storm). I absolutely adore those shoes, they are so feminine/masculine and the manicure is really pairing well with them. Great combination to me. Actually, it's quite a sexy combo with a pair of black slim jeans.