Mystical Practice

In ancient times Taoist Masters in tune with their body, would mentally watch, map and trace out effects of herbs and other healing practices. This style of observation formed the foundation to practices such as QiGong, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and how it all connected within the body. If we learn how to live in Harmony with our own body. We can self heal. We can explore ourselves freely. It becomes possible to discover more than just our surface nature. In using, what others would label, my third eye, I have learned over the past years how to see similarly hidden truths. Truths not hidden but rather obscured by our lifestyle. So while it would seem to be a mystical practice, it's more accurate to say that I am merely seeing things clearly, within acceptance and awareness of oneself. This is far from being a mysterious process. It's just being in a place to be able to view and be patient enough to observe. Of course, getting to that spot of being able to see clearly, isn't very easy in an modern environment. It's a place very few people manage to find. I could instruct you exactly how to achieve this state. Yet many people wouldn't want to experience the initial discomfort or have the patience of many years it usually takes to climb to that spot. What do you think about this practice!?