Pink Nails

It's almost autumn! Well technically it'll only be tomorrow 23'th of september but woosh, time is rocket flying, seriously. Still, how good is it for the soul to leave summer behind, and I so love spring also. To celebrate its return, here is a very delicate and fresh polish that is currently on my nails as I'm typing Zoya "Skye". Zoya might be my favorite brand, I have not been much into their new releases lately and have more felt like digging into their less popular shades instead. Honestly, there are some gems for me here. Of course, it's sometimes a dice game to order online (no spoon for European girls, so lots of doubt between almost similar swatchless polishes) but more often than never, I have been positively surprised. I love to be surprised anyway. So then, here is "Skye" from the Spa Essential collection. On their website, Zoya describe it as a warm toned dusty pale pink. The description is pretty accurate. It's indeed a muted pink leading toward peach. Despite its being a little bit on the "warm" pink side, Skye turned out on me as a perfect mannequin hand polish for my skin. 

Concerning the formula, I have read that some girls had bad trouble applying this one. Well, I didn't have too much problems on my side. I for sure found the formula not as superb as most of the Zoya I own (it is a bit uneven and relatively drying much too fast for the small brush) but the application was nothing terrible either and what you see on my nails is just 2 (neither thick neither thin) coats and no top coat. Perfectly opaque, smooth. No streak, no bump, no mess. I have it for 2 days and no chip or anything. Let's see how long I can keep it. I'll let you know. In all, it's a great neutral for cool toned fair skinned girls and I will definitely wear this one a lot on my toes this autumn as I love to go neutral with my feet. I know, we're barely at autumn doorstep that I'm already talking about autumn, I think I just live for this season. I can't help it!


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